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Welcome to your new property: next steps

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

Now that you own your new place the fun part begins! Now you get to personalize and make it yours!

Be sure to give yourself a moment in your home before making structural changes. Learn how you will live in the home and what changes will make that more positive.

Changing flooring or paint color? That is best done before you move in.

After the dust has settled, price package rates for home, life and auto insurances now that the pressure is off.

Landscape personalization is best done after learning what areas of your yard are full, part or no sun. Look around at the plantings your neighbors have and how the plants are thriving- learn from others and save lost money from dying plants.

Ask for referrals- your Realtor, and Insurance agent (if local), and neighbors are great resources to get tried and true vendors for the different projects you may have. Get bids, compare and follow up check with Contractor Board prior to selecting your vendor. Never pre-pay, instead offer to pay the deposit due at the end of the first day to minimize potential loss.

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